Information On Arthritis Remedies – Physical and Occupational Arthritis Therapy

Arthritis remedies – physical and occupational therapy exercises included – can help in pain management. Regardless of the causes of arthritis, physical and occupational therapy can also help arthritis patients manage their day to day activities much more normally.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, your doctor will in all probability recommend physical and occupational arthritis therapy. The following steps will have to be taken while preparing for arthritis remedies with uniquely tailored therapy exercises.

arthritis remedies

Talking to your therapist can help you with your preparation for arthritis remedies

Preparing for Arthritis Remedies

The focus of physical and occupational arthritis therapy is disease management. So you, your doctor and your physical or occupational therapist have to work as a team to frame a plan for arthritis pain treatment. This means that there should be good communication between the three of you. Your goals should be clearly discussed and set.

Arthritis cures don’t exist and physical therapy can only help improve the strength and flexibility of the joints. The treatment plan will include a series of physical exercises. Before starting the physical therapy sessions, it is important to put into place an exercise program that is customized especially for you. The program should take into account your physical limitations. The therapist may conduct tests and measures during a preliminary session to understand the extent of functionality in your joints.

Preparing for Arthritis Remedies #1 – Talk to the Physician

Occupational therapy is different from physical therapy. Here the therapist will work on making your home and work environment more conducive so that you find it easy to continue with your day to day activities. This would necessitate on-site visits to your home and office. Again communication with your occupational therapist is very important before you embark on the process. Have a discussion about your physical limitations and how the layout at your home or office is affecting your ability to function.

Preparing for Arthritis Remedies #2 – Talk to Other Patients

Before beginning your therapy, speak to friends or acquaintances who have undergone the procedure. Know what to expect by listening to their experiences. Their experience will help you understand what exactly you can hope to gain by going in for the therapy session. Visit the facility where you would be undergoing therapy. Make yourself familiar with the surroundings before beginning your therapy sessions.

Preparing for Arthritis Remedies #3 – Effectively Use Assisting Devices

There are several assisting devices that can be used to either improve your mobility or to make your environment more conducive to your physical condition. These could be as varied as walkers and crutches that help you walk more easily to helpful tools like grab bars in the bathroom. They can make life easy as well as reduce stress on your joints.

Before starting your therapy, your therapist will probably provide you with a catalogue of such devices. Prepare yourself mentally to introduce them into your life. It might affect you psychologically, but talk to your therapist about any hesitation that you might have.

Preparing for Arthritis Remedies #4 – Fine Tune Your Treatment Program

You are the main person of your treatment team. It is important to understand this before starting physical and occupational therapy. If you are not happy with the progress, discuss the issues with your doctor and therapist so that the program can be tweaked and fine tuned.

Physical therapy and occupation therapy can bring about improvements in the quality of life of arthritis patients. But it is important to prepare yourself physically and mentally before embarking on programs concerning arthritis remedies.

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