Post Arthroplasty – Hip Surgery Recovery Procedure

Post arthroplasty recovery statistics are very encouraging indeed. The hip surgery procedure is now considered pretty routine and nearly 300,000 such procedures are conducted in the US every year. The percentage of patients who suffer from arthroplasty complications is low, and good aftercare during the hip arthroplasty recovery phase can help in ensuring that your return to normalcy is quick and smooth.

post arthroplasty phase

Post Arthroplasty,Patients won’t need nurses during the later phase

Post Arthroplasty Recovery Tips – Post Operative Care

Post hip arthroplasty recovery would of course depend on the severity of the damage to the joint, the extent of damage to surrounding tissues, your activity level and your dedication to the recovery program. The most common reason for failure is due to loosening of the implant. This can affect the longevity of the joint and stall the hip surgery recovery process.

As far as the success rates are concerned, most patients report a marked difference in their pre and post operative pain within one to two days. Ninety five percent of patients report feeling minimal to no pain and the ability to walk more than one mile within a year of the operation. The results generally last from six to ten years after the operation. There is a failure rate of 1% per year.

Hip replacement rehabilitation or hip arthroplasty recovery would involve the following steps:

  • It is absolutely necessary that the wound and the dressing be kept clean and dry. Also follow the doctor’s instructions clearly regarding the amount of mobility the joint is allowed in the initial days after the surgery. Do not overstress your new artificial joint.
  • Most doctors will also recommend a course of physical therapy soon after the operation. It is important that these be done with care and dedication. Exercises are important as otherwise too much scar tissue may accumulate in the areas around the joint. This may hinder movement of the joint and cause pain.
post hip arthroplasty

You’ll need to take up exercises mandatorily post hip arthroplasty

  • The range of exercises prescribed during post arthroplasty recovery would include isometric and resistance exercises. Isometric exercises help in tightening the muscles without actually moving the joint. These are usually prescribed within the first two weeks of the surgery. In resistance exercises, the joint is moved against resistance. The program may start with elastic tubing and progress to light weights.
  • Constant nursing care is rarely needed during the hip arthroplasty recovery phase, but in the initial days, it is better to have a caregiver for a few hours every day to help you with driving, shopping and other activities. This is mainly recommended to prevent undue stress being given to the joint in the first few days. It is also important to remember that you should not consider yourself an invalid during this time and you should try and get things done slowly.
  • The normal hip arthroplasty recovery time is around six to eight weeks and during this time, your allowed activities may be limited. However, you can return to work within a few days. The doctor may ban you from contact sports or heavy labor for a period of six months.

When it comes to hip arthroplasty recovery, most patients regain the strength in their joints within three months of the arthroplasty surgery and by one year, the patient will be able to perform even athletic tasks without any issues. But, all this depends on proper treatment and care post knee arthroplasty.

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