Post Procedure Care After Cataract Surgery – Things To Note

To understand the post procedural care you should take up after cataract surgery, you need to know about the cataract surgery procedure first.

When the natural lenses of the eyes develop an opacification, called a cataract, it has to be removed surgically. This opacification develops over a period of time, due to metabolic changes of the crystalline lens fibers. The affected lens is replaced with a synthetic lens during cataract surgery.

Cataract surgery is usually performed by an ophthalmologist in an ambulatory setting using local anesthesia in most cases. During this procedure, an Intra Ocular Lens, called the IOL, is implanted.

Tips To Follow After Cataract Surgery

Soon after cataract surgery, care must be taken to keep the eye area clean, with regular application of the prescribed eye drops. Apart from this, other post procedure tips should be followed in order to prevent cataract surgery complications.

After Cataract Surgery
Eye drops need to be applied after cataract surgery

Cataract Surgery Aftercare Regimen (0-8 Weeks)

  • After cataract surgery, avoid rubbing the specific eye or squinting
  • Experiencing stinging, burning, and slight grittiness is normal after the surgery
  • While applying the eye drops, keep the nozzle away from your eye
  • Also, try not to touch the nozzle with your hands to avoid contamination
  • Residual cleansing water from the surgery can dry up around the eyes leading to crusting, and you should wipe this away with a damp piece of cotton
  • The eye should not be exposed to bright light as it will be sensitive after the cataract surgery
  • Avoid swimming or bathing in a hot tub
  • Avoid wearing eye makeup until the Doctor authorizes you to do so
  • You might experience glares and halos in the first week after surgery, and this is normal

Cataract Surgery Aftercare Regiment (8 – 10 Weeks)

Though the eye would have recovered in the first few weeks, the brain might need a little longer to adjust to the improved vision. It might take 4-8 weeks for the brain and the eye to reconcile and work with each other.

You should keep the following tips in mind during this stage:

  • Don’t forget to keep your first month appointment with your surgeon
  • Engage in vigorous and challenging activities, as these will help your eye and brain work together efficiently

By the end of six months, you’ll be able to optimally use your eye. You should ensure that you get your eye checked annually.

Practicing necessary caution after cataract surgery will ensure your speedy recovery and help you attain better eyesight.

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