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  • Positive Liver Transplant Stories – Tales About Transplants

    Positive liver transplant stories are many, because though a liver transplant is a procedure that is fraught with a number of complications during and after the surgery, the success rate behind the procedure has been growing at a steady pace. The liver transplant complications can be minor or as serious as transplant rejection. The post […]

  • Post Liver Transplant Complications and How to Avoid Them

    Studies in the field have shown that post liver transplant complications don’t surface in around 90% of the cases. This does not mean, however, that there are no precautions that need to be taken post surgery. Avoiding Post Liver Transplant Complications Liver transplant procedures involve lots of long term risks that can surface 10 or […]

  • Liver Transplant Recovery – Post Discharge Treatment and Care

    Liver transplant recovery is important because although a liver transplant is a common surgical procedure, it is fraught with numerous complications. Once you are discharged after the liver transplant surgery, the nurse will fill out your schedule for medication and your post transplant prescription. Liver Transplant Recovery Information It is better to discuss the medication […]

  • Post Liver Transplant Procedure – After the Surgery

    The post liver transplant phase can be a very trying time for the affected individual and his close kin and friends. If you are scheduled to undergo a liver transplant procedure or know someone who will be getting one, read on to know more about the steps taken in the post liver transplant phase that […]

  • Liver Transplant Rejection – Signs and Management

    Liver transplant rejection, also called organ rejection, is a very serious concern that comes along with liver transplants or other similar procedures. The main cause for rejection is because your immune system attacks the foreign object, i.e. the new liver. Liver Transplant Rejection Signs The symptoms and signs of organ transplant rejection include feeling tired […]

  • Liver Transplant Complications – The Risks Involved

    Liver transplant complications are common, although the liver transplant surgery is a procedure that is performed on a day to day basis. Listed below are some of the complications that can arise either during or after the procedure. Liver Transplant Complications – The Many Problems Liver Transplant Complications #1 – Acute Liver Rejection This is […]

  • Liver Transplant Surgery Explained – The Procedure in Detail

    Once a donor liver has been identified for the liver transplant surgery, you will get a message from the transplant coordinator either by telephone or through the pager. Most transplant units provide these pagers as these make it easy to contact the patient at all times, especially when arrangements for the liver transplant procedure should […]

  • Living Donor Liver Transplant – Identifying the Right Liver

    If you’re looking to get a living donor liver transplant done, you’ll need to sign up and wait for the doctors to search for the right organ from a liver transplant donor. Living Donor Liver Transplant – The Need Recent studies in the field of medicine indicate that the number of people who have lost […]

  • Liver Transplant in India and Other Countries – An Analysis

    Many people are opting for a liver transplant in India mainly because treatment costs in India are comparatively low. When it comes to opting for the procedure, you can choose both the country and the hospital where you’re planning to get your new liver, based on your preferences. Liver Transplant in India and Other Countries […]

  • Pre Liver Transplant Surgery Preparation – Preparing for a Transplant

    The hard part about a liver transplant is not the procedure itself, but the pre liver transplant preparation that you’ll need to take up. Depending on the hospital, you may be provided with a liver transplant patient guide that can help you when you’re preparing for the liver transplant procedure. Pre Liver Transplant Surgery Preparation […]