Tai Chi For Beginners – Some Key Facts About Tai Chi

Tai chi is one of the most wonderful ways of combating stress and treating many physical and mental ailments! It is a graceful form of exercise, which originally evolved as a defense technique. Tai chi is characterized by gentle and flowing movements and is aptly described as meditation in motion. Tai chi for beginners must be done under the guidance of an instructor.

A number of movements accompanied by slow and deliberate breathing constitute the stress-relieving poses of tai chi. This noncompetitive and gentle form of exercise helps stretch body muscles effectively. Due to its low impact nature, tai chi is considered the ideal fitness regimen for aged individuals and those with physical disabilities or a limited range of motion. Tai chi comes in various styles, with each one focusing on a certain primary aspect, such as defense or health maintenance.

tai chi for beginners
Tai chi for beginners requires the guidance of an instructor.

Tai Chi For Beginners – Who Can Take Up This Fitness Routine?

People of all ages can perform tai chi as the movements are slow and flowing. They do not tense or stress any of the muscles and body parts. Also, tai chi is inexpensive, and can be performed indoors or outdoors, in groups or by oneself. This highly flexible art requires no equipment either. No wonder tai chi for beginners is gaining much popularity.

While tai chi is safe for most people to take up, pregnant women and individuals with back and joint problems and fractures must consult a physician before starting with this routine. They must seek training under a professional practitioner as well.

The Beneficial Effects of Tai Chi

Tai Chi can benefit your health in numerous ways. Some of its benefits include reducing anxiety, diminishing stress, increasing the capacity of the lungs, energy, and stamina, improving balance, posture, muscle tone, and strength.

This fitness exercise also has beneficial effects in other areas such as increasing the quality of sleep, boosting the immune system, decreasing cholesterol levels and maintaining heart health, decreasing pain in the joints, improving general health in elderly people, and reducing the number of falls in the older adults.

Tai Chi for Beginners – Do You Need An Instructor?

Yes! If you’re new to tai chi, it would be best to contact a professional for instruction instead of relying on videos and books. There are many local health clubs and fitness centers that impart tai chi training. You can contact one of those centers for better guidance on the poses.

An instructor can help hone your fitness routine as he is well-versed in the tai chi poses as well as the accompanying breathing techniques that are required.

Tai chi for beginners will surely be different from tai chi for advanced practitioners, as newbies are required to begin with basic poses before moving on to the complex ones. For this reason, the guidance of an instructor is highly recommended. Also, if you have any specific medical condition, the instructor will be able to help you learn which poses to add to and which poses to omit from your tai chi routine.

tai chi beginners
Tai chi beginners must consult a physician before adopting this fitness routine.

If you stick to tai chi sincerely, as the days pass by, you will gradually derive the confidence to practice tai chi all by yourself. Alternatively, if you like the social element, you might want to stick to a group setting. Tai chi for beginners helps set the base to carry this martial art to the next level and ultimately brings excellent health and posture.

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