The Benefits Of Pomegranate – Why The Fruit Is A Must-Have

There’s a reason why people in ancient times looked upon the pomegranate as an ideal food, because the benefits of pomegranate are indeed too many to count. This is why the fruit is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay healthy.

Pomegranates can be consumed in various ways, however you like them – in the form of a juice or as part of fruit salads or desserts. The fruit can also be eaten whole, just the way it is. The immense nutritional benefits of pomegranate make it an ideal food option, especially for children and elderly people.

The benefits of pomegranate extend mostly to the heart, cartilage, and the skin. The fruit helps in the prevention and treatment of a wide range of major health conditions, including cancer and diabetes.

Here are some of the key benefits of pomegranate, which are also highly compelling reasons for you to add the fruit to your diet.

The Benefits Of Pomegranate – Five Reasons To Start Eating This Fruit

  1. The Prevention And Treatment Of Heart Disease

    benefits of pomegranate

    Effectiveness against heart disease is one of the key benefits of pomegranates.

    The Life Extension Foundation has pointed out that on an average, there are around 71 million individuals suffering from cardiovascular ailments in the United States alone.

    According to a research study published in “Clinical Nutrition” (2004), it was observed that pomegranates helped in decreasing the risk of heart disease and reversing the damage caused by arteriosclerosis. The participants of the study experienced a 35 percent decrease in the size of atherosclerotic lesions after consuming this fruit. In addition to that, their systolic blood pressure decreased by 21 percent, and the antioxidant activity in their body accelerated by 130 percent.

  2. Effective Cure For Some Forms Of Cancer

    Pomegranates are also effective against certain forms of cancer, especially lung, skin, breast, and prostate cancer.

    Dr. Ephraim Lansky conducted a research study in the year 2004 to determine the effectiveness of pomegranate juice against cancer. The study showed that the juice of pomegranate helped in decreasing lesions in cancerous mammary cells and decreasing the growth of cancer cells. Hasan Muktar (Cancer Chemoprevention Program-UW) utilized a mouse model, and successfully drew the link between consuming pomegranates and lung cancer prevention and treatment.

  3. Cure For Diabetes

    You can easily deal with diabetes by including pomegranates in your diet.

    According to a research study published in The Journal Of Ethnopharmacology, it was observed that eating this fruit helped in decreasing blood sugar levels after meals.

    health benefits of pomegranate

    Regulation of diabetes is also one of the best health benefits of pomegranates. Ensure that you add this fruit to your diet.

    Diabetics often experience sudden elevations in blood sugar levels after a meal, which is detrimental. If you are a diabetic, pomegranates can prove highly beneficial to help you counter such sudden increases in blood sugar.

  4. Improved Cartilage Protection

    Pomegranates are considered beneficial in preventing the deterioration of cartilage in osteoarthritis patients.

    The Case Western Reserve University School Of Medicine carried out a research study to determine the effectiveness of this fruit in preventing cartilage deterioration. The study showed that pomegranate extract checked the deterioration of Interleukin-1b, which aids in the wear and tear of cartilage.

  5. Healthy And Radiant Skin

    Pomegranates help in keeping your skin healthy, by preventing the damage caused by the UV rays of the sun.

    the benefits of pomegranate

    The benefits of pomegranates also include protection from skin damage.

    A study published in the International Journal Of Dermatology showed the link between pomegranate consumption and skin protection. It concluded that the polyphenol extract from this fruit helped in boosting collagen production and as a result combated the skin damage caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Collagen is crucial for skin health, as it forms the structure of the skin tissue and maintains the elasticity of the skin. 

Get these amazing health benefits of pomegranate by adding this fruit to your diet. Given its delicious flavor, you will have absolutely no trouble doing so, and soon you’ll be able to see visible improvement in your health

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