The Benefits Of Watermelon – A Healthy Way To Stay Hydrated

As a kid, you must have surely relished fresh slices of watermelon, dribbling their juice down your chin. Even now, can you resist eating this delicious fruit? Probably not, and that’s a good thing, because the health benefits of watermelon are aplenty.

Watermelons are power-packed with vitamins, fiber, and essential minerals. Their high nutritive value makes them highly effective in preventing and treating a number of health problems. Some of the key benefits of watermelon include increased immunity, reduced cholesterol, and healthier teeth and gums.

benefits of watermelon

The benefits of watermelon and its delicious taste make it a popular fruit across the world.

Beat the summer heat with a slice of watermelon, but before you do, here are some more benefits of this wonder fruit.

The Benefits Of Watermelon – Five Solid Reasons To Eat This Fruit Often

When you learn about the immense benefits of watermelon, you’ll agree that this fruit is popular for a reason. A watermelon is:

  1. A Powerful Energy Booster

    Watermelons contain good amounts of Vitamin C. The antioxidant properties of this vitamin help in metabolizing iron and play a major role in providing energy to your body.

    Vitamin C is also helpful in increasing the production of white blood cells and reducing the risk of infections. Being water-soluble, this vitamin needs to be consumed in its recommended dosage each day, as it is not stored inside the human body. A single slice of watermelon provides you with around 23 mg of Vitamin C.

  2. Good At Keeping Your Heart Healthy

    You can keep your heart in top working condition by including watermelon in your diet. This is because watermelon is rich in lycopene, which is an antioxidant that gives this fruit its red color as well as its ability to combat free radical activity.

    The American Dietetic Association has pinpointed the link between heart health and lycopene.

    benefit of watermelon

    A healthy heart is a key benefit of watermelon.

    The National Watermelon Promotion Board notes that drinking six cups of watermelon juice each day raises the amount of arginine (an amino acid) in your bloodstream, in turn improving the working of your cardiovascular system.

  3. Rich In Healthy Calories

    Watermelons are a good replacement for junk food, as they taste great and contain healthy calories. Even if you consume half a watermelon, it provides you with just 258 calories. A single serving of this fruit (one wedge) possesses only 0.43 grams of fat, making it an ideal food for weight watchers.

  4. Excellent At Improving Hydration

    The body requires plenty of water to function correctly, as water helps in transporting nutrients to various organs and maintaining the moisture of the mucous membranes. Not consuming enough water leads to dehydration and weakness, and in extreme cases, even death, so it’s very important to drink plenty of water. Eating watermelon is a great way to keep your body hydrated, as it contains loads of water (92 percent). A single cup of watermelon contains approximately 140 grams of water.

    the benefits of watermelon

    Increased hydration of the body is also one of the benefits of watermelon.

  5. A Good Source Of Beta-Carotene

    Watermelons are a good source of beta-carotene, a compound that can be converted into vitamin A when ingested orally. Consuming foods with beta-carotene makes vitamin A absorption a smooth process. Also the deficiency of vitamin A is associated with reproductive problems, vision issues, and abnormal bone growth. Thankfully, you can counter the risk of Vitamin A deficiency by eating watermelon.

    The American Heart Association notes that consuming fruits and vegetables that are brightly colored, such as watermelon, helps in providing the body with adequate amounts of vitamin A.

Reap the amazing benefits of watermelon by enjoying a slice of this tasty fruit or a tall glass of watermelon juice. You can even mix it with other fruits to make a colorful fruit salad. Now you know how to keep the hunger pangs away until dinner is served!

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