The Dash Diet Plan – Some Basics On How It Works

Have you always had trouble controlling your daily sodium intake? Then here’s something that can help you. It’s an innovative diet plan known as the DASH Diet Plan.

The DASH diet plan has quite a few variants that differ in the amount of sodium consumption they prescribe. Before you take up this diet, it is important for you to understand how it works. Here are some of its basics.

dash diet plan

The DASH diet plan is designed for decreasing hypertension.

The DASH Diet Plan – A Look At How It Evolved

Back in the seventies, the Harvard Medical School carried out a research study that showed that blood pressure occurrences were less in vegetarians, who consumed loads of plant foods.

They later worked in conjunction with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to carry out research studies at five medical centers across the United States. These research studies showed that following a low-sodium, high-plant diet is useful for suppressing blood pressure levels.

This discovery that emerged from these research studies led to the launch of the DASH Diet Plan.

An Introduction To The DASH Diet Plan

The acronym DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. There are a few sub-divisions of this diet plan, such as the Standard DASH diet plan and the low-sodium DASH diet plan.

The standard DASH diet permits consuming 2300 mg of sodium a day, while the low-sodium DASH diet allows the consumption of a maximum of 1500 mg of sodium per day. The average diet of most individuals consists of around 3500 mg of sodium, which means that either form of the DASH diet can help these individuals cut down their sodium intake.

In this diet plan, the primary focus is on decreasing blood pressure levels by eating foods that are low in sodium and high in protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

The DASH Diet Plan – Do You Need It?

With cases of hypertension on the rise in recent times, the DASH Diet Plan is a welcome solution to help counter this condition. Even if you’re free from hypertension, it is still a good idea to lower the risk of its development.

dash diet meal plan

The DASH diet meal plan involves eating foods with minimal sodium content.

The National Institutes Of Health note that almost one in every three adults in the United States suffers from high blood pressure. Also, 28 percent of adult Americans (approx. 59 million) suffer from prehypertension, which is a condition linked with increased risks of heart disease and stroke.

If followed sincerely, the DASH diet plan can help scale down your sodium intake by at least half. Consult your physician to seek further information about this diet and decide on the right DASH diet menu for you.

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