The Dukan Diet Food List – Food Items You Can Go For

When you hear the word ‘diet’, don’t you immediately think of all the restrictions it will put on your eating habits? You’ll be safe with the Dukan diet plan, as you can enjoy various kinds of food and still lose weight. The Dukan diet food list is tailored to ensure that you eat well and still reach your ideal weight.

The Dukan diet food list consists of high protein food items, which enable the body to burn fat and lose weight quickly.  This diet, also known as the Princess diet, is simplistic in its approach. When you take up the Dukan diet, you have to follow four phases that allow the body to consume the required protein and increase the metabolic rate in order to get rid of the unwanted body fat.

The Dukan diet food list allows over 100 foods during its four phases and contains mainly fish, poultry, and certain vegetables. It excludes the consumption of carbohydrates and dairy products in the first two phases.

Overall, there are 72 animal-based proteins and 28 plant-based proteins that are allowed for consumption during various phases of the Dukan Diet.

After you have achieved weight loss, it is important to maintain it. To do so, you may have to restrict your consumption of high carbohydrates, starch, and dairy.

The Dukan Diet Food List – What You Can Eat

Here are some of the types of foods you can eat as part of the Dukan diet.

Week 1 – Consume Food High In Protein

In the first phase, you can see a remarkable weight loss of over 7 lbs. As per the Dukan diet food list, during the first phase you need to consume a high amount of protein, which comes in the form of chicken, turkey, low-fat beef, and fish.

dukan diet food list

A high protein intake is an essential part of the Dukan diet food list.

This phase also allows certain dairy options that are low in calories, such as cottage cheese and zero-fat yogurt. The protein consumption ensures that the amino acid components help increase the metabolic rate, in turn enabling the body to burn fat with no effect on the muscles. This helps in lowering high cholesterol levels as well. Oat bran, in a quantity of roughly 1.5 to 2 tablespoons, is also allowed during this phase, which must continue for at least one week.

Seasoning is allowed as long as it contains no carbohydrates or fat. Salt, vinegar, mustard, basil, pepper, and onions are all viable options to garnish your main dish.

In a study published in the 2005 publication called American Society for Clinical Nutrition, it was revealed that a low carbohydrate diet with high protein consumption of up to 30% per day reduces appetite and calorie intake. This enables the fat mass to reduce considerably.

Week 2 – Add Vegetables To Your Diet

The Dukan diet food list combines proteins and vegetables in this stage, which can last up to 5 days. The protein-based foods recommended in the first phase should be combined with vegetables like broccoli, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, bell peppers, and tomatoes. The Dukan diet food list also includes onions, mushrooms, cabbage, green beans, celery, asparagus, and cauliflowers, as green vegetables are high in protein content and low in starch and calories.

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Green leafy vegetables, which are high in proteins and antioxidants, are a type of Dukan diet food recommended during the second phase.

The British Medical Journal states that consuming leafy and green vegetables reduces Type 2 diabetes by 14%. This is because these vegetables are high in antioxidants, which allow the body to fight chronic conditions.

Vegetables like corn, potatoes, peas and, carrots should be avoided due to their sugar and starch content.

Week 3 – Add A Celebratory Meal

By this stage, you have reached your desired weight, so there is no need for further weight loss. During this phase, the Dukan food list is slightly lenient as it allows fruits, cheese, and bread in moderate amounts to be incorporated in the diet.

This phase allows one “celebratory meal” every week.  You must not stop consuming proteins, but you can add one fruit like an apple, a cantaloupe, or any juicy fruit to your diet. This helps the body acquire some of the essential vitamins and nutrients (like vitamin B) that were restricted in the first two phases.

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Dukan diet foods allowed in the third phase include carbohydrates like pasta.

Carbohydrates are also allowed in small quantities every week. These include whole-grain bread, pasta, and rice. Low-fat butter can also be included.

Week 4 – Eat Anything, But In Small Quantities

This last phase allows you to eat any food you like as long as it is in small quantities. In order to ensure that the lost weight does not return, set aside one day of the week to consume only proteins. As the Dukan diet food list states, it is best to avoid starchy foods.

The Dukan diet food list incorporates all kinds of food groups that are good for weight loss and overall health. Try this diet to get a svelte figure and a healthier lifestyle.

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