The HCG Diet Plan – What It Is And How It Works

Are you planning to lose weight, and fast? The HCG diet plan could well be the answer to all your excess-weight troubles. A four phase weight loss regime that’s paired with a diet supplement, this diet plan will quickly get you back in shape and keep you fit!

The HCG diet plan was developed by Albert Simeons, who believed that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, which is produced by women during pregnancy, could help others lose weight effectively. Simeons created a diet regime using HCG and a low-calorie meal plan to ensure the rapid loss of excess fat.

hcg diet plan

Individuals on the HCG diet plan are required to take the HCG drops thrice a day.

It is important to first understand the functions of the HCG hormone and the various phases of this plan before taking it up, though.

What Is The HCG Diet Plan?

The hormone HCG helps in mobilizing lipids in the human body. In combination with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD), this plan helps eliminate fat and ensures that extra cellulose is not deposited in the body. This four-phase weight loss regime, along with a regulated hormone intake, can work wonders for those who are overweight and are trying to get back in shape.

Further, the HCG diet plan also helps its followers maintain their healthy weight even after returning to their normal diet routine.

How Does The HCG Diet Plan Work?

The Effect Of HCG

HCG is administered in prescribed doses through injections, drops, tablets, and sprays. This hormone triggers the release of the fat stored in the body by influencing the hypothalamus region in the brain. When the hormone is administered and backed up by a strict diet regime, it helps the body burn excess fat.

There are four phases or stages involved in the HCG diet plan, and these are:

Phase 1: Loading

The HCG diet plan requires the consumption of high caloric food for the first two days, along with the intake of HCG. Rice, butter, eggs, and meat should be consumed in the first stage in order to load the body with new fat cells and lipids. This phase of the diet is extremely important, as it prepares the body for the other phases coming up and helps it mobilize abnormal fats.

Phase 2: Weight Loss

Individuals who follow the HCG diet plan are required to consume only 500-700 calories per day, and should take HCG drops thrice a day. The foods to be eaten are lemons, apples, chicken breast, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, and fish.

This can be a difficult phase for most dieters, as it stretches on for a few weeks. However, this is also the timeframe in which the maximum amount of weight is lost.

In the last three days of this phase, the use of HCG is slowly cut down, and this prepares the body for the upcoming phase.

hcg diet food plan

The HCG diet food plan includes eating a very low calorie diet.

Phase 3: Stabilization

The next three weeks in the HCG diet plan is every dieter’s favorite period. As your body starts training itself to maintain the new weight, your recommended caloric intake during this phase will be 1200-1500 per day. However, it is important to remember that you should only opt for healthy foods and not foods that are stuffed with sugars and carbohydrates. Fruits, nuts, vegetables, meats, eggs, and olive oil can be used in your meals.

In this phase, the HCG hormone will get flushed out from your system and your body’s dependency on it will come to a stop. Exercising from this point onward can be beneficial for your long-term health.

Phase 4: Maintenance

Once the stabilization phase is over, you can start adopting healthy lifestyle changes. You may even follow the HCG Diet Plan once again to lose more pounds.

Figure 4 The HCG Diet Plan helps in getting back into shape

Excess weight can often result in various cardiovascular diseases, so to stay healthy, it is important to stay in shape.

Certain case studies conducted by Dr. Gary S. Goldman, Pearblossom, prove that the HCG diet plan is designed to help you do exactly that.

Unlike most other diet fads, the HCG diet plays an important role in maintaining your new weight even after the diet program is over. So don’t spend your time sighing as you think of your younger days, instead follow this proven diet plan get back into shape!

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