The Health Benefits Of Apples – Keeping The Doctor At Bay

Remember what your elders used to tell you about apples, their nutritional value, and the numerous health benefits of apples? Well, medical experts from around the globe have now backed the truth in those words with scientific research. So the next time you are in the mood of a quick snack, sink your teeth into a juicy apple!

The apple is an excellent fruit that caters to the nutritional demands of every age group, and the health benefits of apples are numerous, especially due to the presence of essential vitamins and minerals.

These vitamins and minerals help in reducing your risk of suffering from diseases such as cancer, lower your cholesterol, prevent conditions like Alzheimer’s, and decrease your chances of suffering from heart disease.

The Six Important Health Benefits Of Apples  

Health Benefits of Apples #1: They Help In Reducing Cholesterol

Apples are a good source of fiber, and are more rich in fiber than a number of other cereals. Apples are also popular as leading sources of pectin, which is classified as a soluble fiber. Soluble fibers are effective in decreasing the level of cholesterol present in the bloodstream.

Thanks to their pectin content, apples help in bringing down the formation of cholesterol along the blood vessel lining, which can reduce your chances of suffering from heart ailments like atherosclerosis.

health benefits of apples

The health benefits of apples are many, mainly thanks to their pectin content.

Health Benefits of Apples #2: They Help In Regulating The Blood Pressure

Research has shown that more than 50 percent of the cases of cardiovascular ailments and 33 percent of cancer cases are mainly due to an improper diet.

Apples are considered to be an excellent source of potassium, which is a mineral that helps in regulating blood pressure levels. Stable blood pressure levels can help in maintaining your overall health, as all the important organs in the body get the right amount of oxygen and nutrients this way.

Consuming apples regularly can reduce your risk of suffering from stroke, which is an excellent health benefit associated with this fruit.

Health Benefits of Apples #3: They Help Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Apples are also effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. This is due to the fact that apples possess a strong antioxidant known as quercetin, which reduces the risk of cell degeneration inside the brain. This was primarily established when researchers used quercetin on rats to see the effect that it had on their brains.

Quercetin is believed to have the same effect on the brain cells in human beings, contributing to better mental health.

The neuro-protective effects of quercetin have been pointed out by Dr. Ramani Soundararajan (Dalhousie Medical School) and Dr. Vasantha Rupasinghe (Nova Scotia Agricultural College).

nutrients in apples

The presence of quercetin and other nutrients in apples reinforces its ability to prevent diseases.

Health Benefits Of Apples #4: They Can Keep Your Heart Healthy

Apples are also beneficial in preventing the occurrence of heart ailments. This is mainly attributed to the presence of quercetin in high amounts, as the USDA Database for the Flavonoid Content Of Selected Foods has noted.

Red apples possess around 4.7 mg of this antioxidant in a 100g serving. However, the recommended daily intake of quercetin has not been indicated until date.

According to a research study conducted by the University Of California-Davis, it was observed that raw apples and apple juice help in reducing the accumulation of plaque, which is responsible for heart disease. During the course of the research study, the subjects were instructed to consume 2 whole apples, or 12 ounces for six weeks, and they subsequently experienced tremendous improvements.

benefits of apples

Among the many benefits of apples, its role in keeping the heart healthy is a well known one.

Health Benefits Of Apples #6: They Prevent The Onset Of Asthma

Apples are also helpful in preventing asthma from developing in individuals who are prone to respiratory conditions.

During a research study carried out by Aberdeen University, it was noted that a diet that is power-packed with antioxidants and vitamins may benefit asthma patients. It was also noted that children experienced immediate relief from asthma symptoms after drinking apple juice. The lead author of this research study Dr. Peter Burney pointed out that the presence of phytochemicals in this fruit help in decreasing inflammation inside the air passages. These phytochemicals include flavonoids and phenolic acids.

Taking into account the many health benefits of apples, it is important that you include the fruit in your daily diet, in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. It should also be noted that apples are best eaten whole, rather than in the form of fruit juices.

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