The Health Benefits Of Papaya – Seven Reasons To Include Them

Remember how your elders coaxed and advised you to eat papayas every now and then? They were spot on with their advice, as it has now been proved that the health benefits of papayas are indeed many.

Some Basics On The Health Benefits Of Papaya

The health benefits of papaya work on the heart, as this fruit lowers the levels of bad cholesterol. It aids in the prevention of serious ailments such as cancer and also helps boost immunity.

If you’re looking for an ideal fruit to include in your diet, opt for a papaya every day. Packed with loads with nutrients, it will do a world of good to your body.

Here are six reasons why you should include papayas in your diet.

6 Health Benefits Of Papaya – Points To Note

  1. Reduction In Cholesterol Levels
    Papayas help in decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol present in the bloodstream. This is because of their rich concentration of vitamin C, which helps in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol.

    health benefits of papaya

    A decrease in bad cholesterol levels is one of the health benefits of papaya.

    Medline Plus notes that Vitamin C helps in removing plaque from the arteries, as a result increasing the flow of blood to the heart.

    In addition to Vitamin C, the presence of Vitamin E in papaya also helps in deterring the oxidation of cholesterol.

  2. Clearing Acne

    You can easily experience relief from acne by applying papaya paste to your skin. Papain, which is the active enzyme present in papaya, helps in breaking down proteins on the skin’s surface and promotes new cell growth.

    health benefits of papayas

    The health benefits of papayas include a cure for acne.

    This enzyme also helps in absorbing certain proteins present under the skin, subsequently decreasing pus and the swelling associated with pimples.

  3. Preventing Cancer

    Papayas are also considered highly effective in preventing the occurrence of certain forms of cancer, as they contain elements like lycopene, beta-carotene, and beta-crytoxanthin. This fruit also possesses isothiocyanates, which are chemical compounds that aid in getting rid of carcinogens present in the body and accelerating the activity of proteins that deter tumor growth.

    According to a research study published in Forums of Nutrition, 2009, it was reported that the presence of isothiocyanates in papaya helped in decreasing the growth of cancerous cells and preventing colon cancer.

    In another research study published in BMB Reports, March 2011, it was observed that exposing colon cancer cells to vitamin C induced their destruction.

  4. Low Calorie Consumption

    If you are on a weight loss diet, you should definitely include papaya in your meal plan. This is because it contains high amounts of water and very few calories, which means that you can eat large quantities of this fruit without fearing weight gain. A single cup of papaya cubes contains around 50 calories in total, while possessing no fat.

  5. Consumption Of Good Carbohydrates

    The Harvard School Of Public Health notes that fruits, whole grains, and vegetables are good sources of healthy carbohydrates.

    Being a fruit, papaya contains sugar in the form of Fructose, which does not have a major influence on blood sugar levels. In addition to that, papaya contains fewer carbohydrates in comparison to other fruits, such as bananas and apples. A single cup of cubed papaya possesses just 14 grams of carbohydrates.

  6. Higher Immunity

    Papayas contain a number of nutrients that help in boosting immunity. Some of the nutrients present in this fruit include vitamins A, C, and E, potassium, and folate. Vitamin A, C, and E are antioxidants, which help in increasing immunity, while folate helps in manufacturing new cells and preventing birth defects.

    papaya health benefits

    An increase in immunity levels is also one of the papaya health benefits.

With the varied health benefits of papaya, this juicy and tasty fruit deserves to be eaten regularly. Just adding a healthy helping of papaya to your diet and see the results for yourself.

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