Choosing A Weight Gain Diet – A Guide To Choose The Right Diet

Trying to gain weight can sometimes be as hard as trying to lose pounds. Your friends who are trying to shed weight will not agree, but we know how frustrating being underweight can be. Lucky for you, all you need to do is find the right weight gain diet to gain weight in a healthy way! 

weight gain diet

Following a weight gain diet need not necessarily mean eating a lot of food.

An Introduction To A Weight Gain Diet

A weight gain diet might not be as common as a weight loss diet, but there are still a few good tips that can help you gain weight in a healthy manner. Weight gain does not mean adding fat to your body. In fact, excess fat leads to health problems.

So, how can you gain weight? It’s really quite simple. First, you need to add more calories to your body than you burn up. This doesn’t mean that you must binge on fat-rich foods. Instead, eat a balanced diet that provides you with healthy nutrients, which can in turn help you increase your weight.

Striking A Balance With The Weight Gain Diet

Most health and lifestyle publications and websites provide a lot of plans and tips for losing a few pounds. There are far fewer resources that help people who want to gain weight. Obesity is a common problem, but excessive thinness is also not healthy.

The Need For More Nutrients

If you want to increase your body mass, do it in a healthy and effective manner. Instead of just adding empty calories to your meals, plan your diet around healthy calories that provide wholesome nutrients.

weight gain diet plan

There is no need for fatty foods in a weight gain diet plan.

You don’t need to focus on fried foods and creamy treats to add weight to your body. Add good fats and carbohydrates to your diet, and eat protein-rich foods. You can also increase the frequency of your meals, so instead of three meals a day, plan on six small meals each day.

Every meal you eat has to be wholesome and contain all the essential nutrients that your body needs, including fats and carbohydrates. Choose unsaturated fats and low GI carbohydrates. Also include protein rich foods, essential minerals, and vitamins.

Foods To Include In A Weight Gain Diet

Include foods like tuna and salmon, olive oil, nuts, and some dairy products in your meal. All of these are good sources of fat. Also, lean meat, chicken, eggs, whole grain cereals, bread, brown rice, and nuts are good sources of fats, carbohydrates and proteins.

weight gaining diet

Eat protein-rich foods for a weight gaining diet.

If you are vegetarian, you need not worry about not having enough food options to choose from. Whole grains, lentils and beans, dairy products, fruits, nuts and berries are all good sources of healthy calories that provide all the necessary nutrients. Also add starchy vegetables like potatoes, nutrient-rich beans, green leafy vegetables, carrots, and beets to your diet.

Other Factors That Influence A Weight Gain Diet

In addition to focusing on solid foods as part of the diet, remember to keep your body hydrated by drinking a good amount of water each day to help your body metabolism. Drink healthy fruit juices, soups, tea or coffee with milk, as these too can help you add calories to your meals.

If you lead a very active life or have a naturally high metabolism, you might burn up a lot of calories. So, the meals you consume might be quickly burnt up. Eat one meal late in the evening, a while before you go to sleep. This is the time when your metabolism slows down, so, your body may retain some calories. However, do not consume heavy meals before you sleep.

Since your aim is to gain weight, you are lucky because you can indulge yourself in the occasional calorie-rich treats, unlike those who want to lose weight. For regular snacks, choose nuts and fruits over creamy cakes and ice creams.

Regardless of whether you are concentrating on a high protein diet or a vegetarian diet, you have to ensure that you choose the right kind of foods for your meals. If you are naturally thin, you might need to consume a few more calories than your body can burn up as energy.

The extra calories you consume, though, should be healthy. You do not need diet supplements to gain weight. Just plan your meals right, make healthy food choices, and you can design a weight gain diet that will not only make you look better, but also keep you fit and active.

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