Before and After Otoplasty Ear Surgery – Some Important Knowhow

There are some factors that you’ll need to note before and after otoplasty, which is the removal of deformities and other types of defects related to the ears. Such surgery generally falls under the broad category of cosmetic reconstruction.

Both surgery and non-surgical methodologies are adopted in order to fix prominent ears, and there have even been cases where plastic surgeons have create new and different ears (if the natural ones get externally damaged beyond operation) of matching shape, size and proportion, in order to fill the void.

Before and After Otoplasty

Cosmetic changes before and after Otoplasty will be clearly visible a week after the surgery

What to Expect Before and After Otoplasty

If the external portion of the ear is protruding or the cartilage takes an excessive shape, this type of disfiguration can be operated upon through oral, plastic or maxillofacial methods. Changes in the appearance and symmetry of a person’s ears and their overall look can be noted once the results before and after Otoplasty are studied.

  • Changes in the distance of the ears from the eyes and their position on the face can be noticed.
  • Abnormally large ears are tailored to average sizes and the cartilages and external pinna are often completely reshaped with the correct bends and contours.

In rare cases, patients can expect slight levels of pain after the operation. Such pain and discomfort can take on the forms of irritation and soreness in the ears. Some patients complain of headaches and tight facial nerves from time to time, especially while chewing food or trying to talk and this is one change that can be noted before and after Otoplasty.

Numbness in the region of surgery and a few instances of gland disruptions are also common factors that need to considered while before and after Otoplasty comparisons are made. Such problems prevail for a short phase and things will fall back into place once the facial structure aligns itself with the changes.

Consulting with the surgeon and other medical personnel on a constant basis and carrying out every recommended measure can help in avoiding the after effects of the surgery.

Otoplasty Knowhow – Why Age Is Not a Key Factor

Although only a limited number of specialist surgeons deal with such cases, there are no concerns regarding factors like age and sex. It is common to find children as young as five years and teenagers undergoing this rather expensive form of treatment. Among adults again, there is no dearth of middle aged as well as the elderly patients who go in for Otoplasty.

The results are permanent, although the procedure is easier to perform on children due to the sole fact that their ears will normally be in their developing stage, so reconstruction might be simpler.

Otoplasty Knowhow – The Issue of Scars

Patients who look up on before and after Otoplasty information are often confused when it comes to the issue of scars that this process might bring up. One common observation is that Otoplasty tends to leave scars or marks where the finishing can be improved upon. As suggested by the prescribing ENT or surgeon himself, a concise plastic or cosmetic surgery can be the best option here. For young women who often get severely upset by the thought of their looks getting affected, this will be an important decision to make.

It is always recommended that people learn more about optoplasty risks and the measures to take before and after otoplasty before signing up for the procedure. This will give them a fair idea on what they can look forward to when they opt for optoplasty.