Introduction to Adenoidectomy – Facts about Adenoidectomy Surgery

Adenoidectomy refers to the surgery undertaken for the removal or extirpation of the adenoid glands.

The Basics Behind Adenoidectomy

Adenoids and tonsils are nothing but clumps of lymphoid tissue and whereas adenoids lie between the air passage (the nasal path) and the rare portion of the throat, tonsils are situated inside the mouth. Children are the main patients on whom most adenoidectomy surgeries are performed.


Adenoidectomy is often delayed when adenoid issues are confused with tonsil problems

Why Should You Opt For Adenoidectomy?

An adenoid removal surgery is performed due a number of causes associated with adenoid infections as well as contagious defilement of the tonsils. In children, tonsils as well as adenoids are associated with protection of the body against the influx of bacterial and viral infections that tend to percolate into the body through open areas of the nose and the mouth by the creation of antibodies.

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