Adenoid Problems – The Risks Involved With Adenoidectomy

Adenoid problems during adenoidectomy are not uncommon, as these parts are prone to infections just like tonsils and are quite sensitive too. Adenoids are lumps of tissues at the back of the throat that fight infections.

Adenoid problems are mainly found only in children as these tissues start disappearing by the time they cross their teenage. The growth of adenoids in humans reaches its peak between the age of three and five. An adenoid removal surgery is advised only when adenoid problems start interfering in a child’s daily life. This can be determined after a proper adenoid diagnosis.

Adenoid Problems Identification

All adenoid problems should be identified, although they can range from being serious to quite trivial

The Basic Adenoid Problems You Might Face

The removal of adenoids is a relatively simple procedure and involves low risk surgery that can take about 15-30 minutes under a general anaesthetic. Some of the adenoid problems that occur during and post surgery are:

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