Disc Replacement Surgery Recovery – Immediate and Long Term Measures

Disc replacement surgery recovery can be quick and successful if a few basic precautions are taken.

The Need for Disc Replacement Surgery Recovery

Artificial disc replacement surgery brings relief from the disc pain symptoms that are experienced by patients suffering from degenerative disc diseases and it scores over the more traditional spinal fusion method as ADR allows greater mobility post-surgery.

The techniques and artificial disc implants involved are improving and developing constantly and success rates are high. However, like all surgeries, post operative care and treatment plays a big role in disc replacement surgery recovery.

Disc Replacement Surgery Recovery – Immediate Post-Operative Measures

(i)                  Back surgery recovery does involve spending a minimum of two days in the hospital. Most patients experience an immediate relief from acute pain. If you do have higher than expected levels of pains during disc replacement surgery recovery, your hospital stay should and will be extended.

(ii)                The doctor will encourage you to walk within a few hours of the surgery. Push yourself to do so even if you do not feel up to it. A physical therapist will advise you on how to make the right moves while getting out of bed.

(iii)               Before leaving the hospital, make sure you have a clear understanding on how to take care of your incision. The most common advice given is to keep the incision dry and clean and let nature do the healing.

Disc Replacement Surgery Recovery

Never push your body beyond a certain limit during the disc replacement surgery recovery phase

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