Pre Disc Replacement Preparation – Things You Need to Know

Degenerative Disc Diseases (DDD) can occur due to genetic, age and lifestyle factors and in such cases, the discs that cushion the vertebrae suffer from damage, resulting in chronic back pain. Once the disc pain diagnosis is complete and an artificial disc replacement surgery has been recommended by your doctor, it is time for you to undergo pre disc replacement procedures. These mirror the normal precautions that you would have to take before any surgery.

Pre Disc Replacement Knowhow for DDD Patients

Spinal Fusion and Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) are the two procedures that are used to treat Degenerative Disc Disease. As Spinal Fusion results in significant loss of mobility, modern medicine is turning increasingly to ADR. During ADR, an artificial disc is used to replace the worn out disc.

The surgery lasts a few hours and the pre disc replacement procedures that should be followed have been given below.


Pre Disc Replacement Preparation

Choosing the right disc is a long term pre disc replacement decision that you’ll have to make

Pre Disc Replacement Preparation – Long Term Factors

(i)                  Selecting the right disc is very important and FDA approved discs are now available and are often recommended by surgeons.

(ii)                The device used during ADR will be a permanent part of your body and such devices will be available in various designs. However, it will make sense for you to go in for the tried and tested ones.

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