Breast Cancer Symptoms – Signs That Spell Danger

Breast cancer symptoms are usually visible, and this helps in quickly spotting them and taking further measures. The symptoms of breast cancer include skin changes, and lumps or swelling in the breast.

breast cancer symptoms

Lumps located in the region of the underarms is one of the most common breast cancer symptoms.

However, in many cases, there might be no evident breast cancer symptoms till the disease reaches a particular stage. Otherwise, the symptoms might be triggered by non-cancerous conditions like cyst or infections and may wrongfully point towards breast cancer.

The Common Breast Cancer Symptoms And Signs

The most common signs and symptoms of breast cancer have been given below.

  • The Presence Of A Lump

    One of the first breast cancer symptoms is a lump that develops in the breast or underarms. These lumps are mostly painless and might be prickly in nature. Most breast cancer cases are diagnosed after a lump is found in the breast.

    Unusual swelling also presents in and around the breasts, armpit, and collar bone even before the lump appears in the breasts or underarms.

  • Pain Along The Breasts

    In many cases, the lump or swelling is not painful, although women might experience pain in the breast in some instances. This pain is similar to the pain experienced during the menstrual cycle, although it is severe and persists for longer time.

  • Changes In Breast Shape And Size

    The shape, size, and temperature of the breast might change due to breast cancer, and this is one of the most noticeable breast cancer symptoms.

    The breast might enlarge or shrink in size abnormally in the affected part, and in many cases, the breast flattens in a particular area or develops a dimple. This might indicate the presence of an invisible tumor.

  • Warm Sensation On The Breast

    The temperature of the breast also becomes relatively warmer than normal. This might indicate an advanced stage of breast cancer that’s also known as inflammatory breast cancer.

  • Changes In Skin Texture

    The surface of the skin becomes red and the pores on the skin enlarge. The skin might also become itchy, resembling the texture of an orange peel.

The skin on the nipple might become thick, itchy, red, scaly, or flaky. In some cases, the nipple might also become inverted. A pus-like thick discharge that might be clear, yellow, or milky might ooze from the nipple even when you’re not breastfeeding.

Once you spot these breast cancer symptoms, it is important that you consult your doctor immediately to go through the diagnostic procedure.