Diabetes Surgery Risks – What to Watch Out For During Islet Cell Transplants

Diabetes surgery risks are definitely a point to consider while taking up the islet cell transplant procedure for diabetes treatment. Every surgical procedure comes with certain levels of risk, and the same is the case with islet cell transplants.

Islet cell transplants have brought hope to all those who suffer from Type 1 diabetes. This kind of diabetes is caused when the body’s auto-immune system attacks and destroys the beta cells in the Islets of Langerhans. The beta cells produce insulin and when they are destroyed, insulin production in the body grinds to a halt.

After the diabetes diagnosis is confirmed and surgery is decided upon as the necessary treatment option, the patient is prepped physically and mentally as part of pre diabetes treatment. The islet cell transplant procedure itself involves the introduction of islet cells from a donor pancreas into a Type 1 diabetic patient. These donor cells will then start producing insulin and stabilize the blood sugar levels in the diabetic patient. However the diabetes surgery risks are considerable.

Diabetes Surgery Risks

Due to the effects of immunosuppressant medication, hypertension is one of the diabetes surgery risks

A Look at Some Diabetes Surgery Risks

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