Before and After Otoplasty Ear Surgery – Some Important Knowhow

There are some factors that you’ll need to note before and after otoplasty, which is the removal of deformities and other types of defects related to the ears. Such surgery generally falls under the broad category of cosmetic reconstruction.

Both surgery and non-surgical methodologies are adopted in order to fix prominent ears, and there have even been cases where plastic surgeons have create new and different ears (if the natural ones get externally damaged beyond operation) of matching shape, size and proportion, in order to fill the void.

Before and After Otoplasty

Cosmetic changes before and after Otoplasty will be clearly visible a week after the surgery

What to Expect Before and After Otoplasty

If the external portion of the ear is protruding or the cartilage takes an excessive shape, this type of disfiguration can be operated upon through oral, plastic or maxillofacial methods. Changes in the appearance and symmetry of a person’s ears and their overall look can be noted once the results before and after Otoplasty are studied.

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