Ear Surgery Recovery – Post Otoplasty

Ear surgery recovery is quick and relatively comfortable and complications after otoplasty are also rare. The procedure lasts for an hour or two and the recovery period would be around six weeks. Following a few basic precautions during the recovery period would ensure that the operation is a long term success. Post procedure care for quicker ear surgery recovery should follow a particular specific pattern.

Ear Surgery Recovery

You’ll be advised to use pillows regularly for proper ear surgery recovery

Timeline for Ear Surgery Recovery Post Procedure Care

Immediate Ear Surgery Recovery and Care

  • As soon as the otoplasty surgery is completed, both your ears will be covered with a head bandage. These bandages have padded cotton and are known as fluff bandages. It is an important part of the post procedure care for successful Otoplasty recovery as they help in preventing any accidental trauma to the ear. The bandage also keeps the ears in position and prevents them from reverting to their old shape. So despite the discomfort of the heavy bandage, you must ensure that it is not disturbed for the next few days.