Gestational Diabetes Symptoms – Signs That Indicate A Problem

Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) is a condition that is associated with an increase in blood sugar levels in a pregnant individual. Gestational diabetes symptoms are exhibited when the insulin supply in the body decreases to a level where it is inadequate to meet the demand for normal blood glucose regulation.

gestational diabetes symptoms

Blurred vision, caused by damage to the ocular blood vessels, is one of the gestational diabetes symptoms.

This problem varies from diabetes mellitus through the fact that it is first diagnosed during the pregnancy cycle.

The Main Gestational Diabetes Symptoms

There are many signs and symptoms associated with gestational diabetes that might indicate the presence of a problem. These can lead on to cause gestational diabetes complications over time. These have been given below.

Frequent Urination, Increased Thirst, Dry Mouth

Women who suffer from gestational diabetes will face the need to frequently urinate, to clear the excess sugar in the blood. Along with the clearance of glucose, the loss of water in the form of urine leads to dehydration. This results in the person experiencing intense thirst and a dry mouth.

Increased Hunger

Despite an adequate intake of food, gestational diabetes is characterized by an increase in hunger. This is due to the failure of the cells to utilise the glucose in the blood, due to the lack of insulin.

Unexplained Weight Loss

Women with gestational diabetes might significantly lose weight, and such weight loss might appear unintentional and in no way related to their diet or exercise routine. This is due to the inability of the cells to utilise glucose.


Feeling weak and tired even after completing minimal work is one of the main gestational diabetes symptoms.

Blurred Vision

Excess glucose in the blood causes damage to the blood vessels in the eyes. This leads to retinal damage, causing a disruption in normal vision.

Frequent Infections Of The Skin, Urinary Tract, Or Vagina

Elevated blood sugar levels lead to an increased amount of glucose in all bodily secretions. This also weakens the normal immunity of the body, causing frequent infections.

Nausea And Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting rank among the minor gestational diabetes symptoms. This symptom is independently non-conclusive, but points towards gestational diabetes when it accompanies the other symptoms.

If experience any of these symptoms during pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare provider so that further evaluation can be carried out through a glucose tolerance test. This gestational diabetes test is usually done to screen people for the condition. The risk factors which can cause GDM are:

  • Obesity
  • Family history of diabetes mellitus
  • Previous delivery of an overweight baby (more than 4 kilograms)
  • The presence of glucose in urine (glycosuria)

Once the gestational diabetes symptoms start showing, a glucose tolerance test can help in confirming the condition.