Tonsilitis Causes and Symptoms – The Problems Behind Adenoidectomy

Once the Tonsilitis causes are identified and verified, Adenoidectomy is performed to surgically remove adenoids – a mass of lymphoid located behind the nasal passages. Doctors generally recommend an adenoidectomy when a chronic infection of adenoids is diagnosed. Infected adenoids become enlarged and can cause impaired breathing, sleep apnea, snoring, and ear and sinus infections.

Tonsilitis Causes and Other Adenoidectomy Reasons

Adenoids are a mass of tissue of lymphoid, and along with tonsils, they help in protecting the body stay healthy. Adenoids reside behind the nasal passage, above the roof of the mouth. Adenoids, unlike tonsils are not visible as they are located higher up in the mouth. Adenoids like tonsils are a part of the defense mechanism and play an important role during the first years of our lives.

Tonsilitis Causes and Symptoms

Doctors recommend adenoidectomy once all other adenoid infection treatment options are ruled out

They help in trapping harmful viruses and bacteria that pass through the nose and mouth from the air we breathe. They are believed to lose in significance as one gets older, since the body builds up other immunity features.

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