Foods For Hair Growth – Five Items You Should Include For Better Hair

Remember when your lustrous mane was the envy of everyone around you? You may now find that your hair is not as thick and glossy as it used to be. Blame it on various factors such as pollution and unhealthy diets that deter the growth of your hair. However, there are several foods for hair growth that can benefit you.

How Foods For Hair Growth Can Help You

Certain foods for hair growth are able to nourish and strengthen your hair. They boost the growth of new hair and keep the scalp healthy as well. Some of these foods include oranges and soybeans. Here are five foods that you must include in your diet to get better hair.

Four Highly Effective Foods For Hair Growth

  1. Oranges

    Oranges are an rich source of vitamin C, which is a water-soluble vitamin. It is not stored in the human body.

    foods for hair growth

    Oranges are excellent foods for hair growth.

    The Natural News website notes that vitamin C is needed for the absorption of iron. The website Women’s Fitness notes that iron is vital for hair growth as well as the repair of damaged hair. The University Of Maryland Medical Center notes that vitamin C deficiency may cause splitting and dryness of hair.

  2. Almonds

    Almonds are considered highly beneficial for promoting hair growth. The deficiency of certain minerals often results in hair fall and a dry scalp.

    food for hair growth

    Almonds are another effective food for hair growth.

    Almonds are an excellent source of zinc, which is an essential mineral that helps in increasing the circulation of blood, causing your hair to be thick and strong. Apart from almonds, nuts such as Brazil nuts and walnuts are beneficial for scalp health.

  3. Kidney Beans

    Kidney beans are another useful food for increasing hair growth. This is because kidney beans are loaded with essential minerals such as zinc, iron, and biotin. The deficiency of biotin is associated with brittle hair, which results in hair fall. Unlike other beans that are good sources of these essential minerals, kidney beans are very filling, so they are also beneficial for appetite control.

  4. Salmon Or Flax Seed Oil

    Salmon and Flaxseed Oil contain good amounts of the omega 3 fatty acid, which is needed for scalp health.

    best foods for hair growth

    Flax seeds, some of the best foods for hair growth, are very effective in decreasing hair fall.

    The deficiency of this essential fatty acid results in clogged pores, along with poor circulation and hair fall. Salmon is an excellent source of protein, iron, and the vitamin B12, all three of which are required for the regeneration of cells. If you’re vegetarian, adding flax seed oil instead of salmon to your food will do the job of encouraging hair growth.

Now that you know how effective these foods for hair growth really are, you should ensure that they are a part of your diet. After all, the benefits are all yours to reap.

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