Oily Skin Remedies – Natural Tips For Looking Fresh

Does your oily skin always look too glossy and keep you from looking fresh throughout the day? Try the following oily skin remedies for a matte finish and look shine-free all day!

Many women with oily skin dread using makeup, as it increases oil secretion and leaves their faces looking excessively shiny, even greasy, all day long. If you are one of these women, don’t worry – you don’t have to give up makeup entirely. All you need to do is know how to get it right, by learning what kind of makeup works best for oily skin. Here are a few pointers to get you started with a better makeup routine – one that flatters your face and keeps the shininess at bay.

Oily Skin Remedies – Effective Tips That You’ll Love

  • Start Your Makeup Routine With A Primer

    If you have oily skin and want your makeup to be long-lasting, first prime your skin. Use an oil-free primer on the T-Zone at least (forehead, nose, and chin). This routine must be done before you apply foundation or powder.

  • Use A Primer For Your Eyelids

    Use a primer specifically meant for eyelids. This allows a canvas to be created on which eyeliner and eye shadow can be applied. The bonus of this type of eye makeup is that the crease-causing oils are absorbed throughout the day.

  • Keep The Talcum Powder To A Minimum

    If you think this is an easy way to keep the shine off, think again! Talcum powder will actually force your skin pores to secrete more oil. Use a translucent matte formula instead of talc and apply it to the shiny areas of your skin.

  • Always Carry Blotting Paper

    No matter how well you wear your makeup, chances are that you will appear slightly shiny by midday. At this point, blotting papers, which are capable of absorbing oil, can come to your rescue. Use a blotting paper on your skin by pressing it and then rolling it off, instead of rubbing your skin with it. This way you can ensure that your makeup does not get rubbed off in the process.

  • Use An Oil-Free Makeup Kit

    Go in for foundations and blushes that are not formulated with oil, as your skin already secretes more than enough oil. Also, use face cleansers and toners containing glycolic acids as these help cut down on excess oil, as suggested by Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, a cosmetic dermatologist in Washington, D.C.

oily skin remedies

Oily skin remedies include the use an oil-free makeup kit.

  • Keep Your Skin Soft, But Not Slick, By Choosing Your Products Well

    If you are into heavy anti aging creams, restrict their usage to nighttime only. Always go in for a moisturizer that does not have much oil in its formulation. Also, never forget to wear sunscreen – but ensure that you choose an oil-free one. Wear sunscreen before you apply foundation and blot away the excess oil.

    Such oily skin remedies can go a long way in keeping your skin soft, yet free from grease and shine.

  • Apply A Face Mask Twice a Week

    Don’t forget to apply a clay-based or kaolin-based face mask twice a week, as it absorbs the extra oil and impurities. Keep the mask on for 10-15 minutes, after which you can wash it off with some warm water.

Face masks are excellent remedies for oily skin. Apply them twice a week for excellent results.

Face masks are excellent remedies for oily skin. Apply them twice a week for excellent results.

Now, backed by these oily skin remedies, you can ensure that you keep your skin fresh, smooth, and ever attractive. Watch out, because plenty of compliments are sure to come your way!

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