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  • Ankle Surgery Rehabilitation Tips – Long Term Measures for Ankle Fusion

    Proper ankle fusion surgery rehabilitation can help a patient regain the use of his leg, as it might initially be hard for the patient to move around in a normal fashion. The body needs to get used to the changes, and the initial pain needs to subside gradually. Some Tips for Ankle Surgery Rehabilitation Ankle […]

  • Ankle Surgery Recovery – Post Surgical Care Tips for Patients

    The ankle fusion surgery recovery process starts immediately once the procedure is over, and this is important because only after proper recovery will you be able to revert to your normal lifestyle. Ankle Surgery Recovery Tips During the ankle fusion recovery phase, effective measures need to be started right in the hospital, before you’re given […]

  • Post Ankle Surgery Risks – What to Expect After Ankle Surgery

    Post ankle surgery risks are still prevalent because irrespective of advancements in science, technology and medicine, there are still a number of possible complications that can occur once a patient is on the operating table. Post ankle surgery recovery can be marred at times by certain specific complications. The fact that complications arise due to […]

  • Ankle Fusion Surgery – What Happens During The Surgery

    Doctors resort to ankle fusion surgery to treat pain in the ankle joint if conservative or non surgical methods to relieve the pain fail. The Finer Details About Ankle Fusion Surgery The patient is initially tested to see if he can be a candidate for ankle fusion surgery or arthrodesis. Once he has been confirmed […]

  • Pre Ankle Fusion Preparation – Getting Ready for the Surgery

    Proper pre ankle fusion measures should be followed once you have set a date for the operation, and it is up to you to take care of yourself. Ankle fusion preparation is very important, as a patient needs to be physically and mentally strong before any surgical procedure. Pre Ankle Fusion Surgery Information – The […]

  • Ankle Surgery Types – The Different Treatment Procedures

    Choosing the right procedure from among the ankle surgery types can be a hard task indeed. These days there are a number of types of ankle surgery for people suffering from articular cartilage damage. For a patient there are a couple of reasons that will help him decide whether he wants to go in for […]

  • Foot Pain Diagnosis – Diagnosing and Testing Articular Cartilage Injury

    Often, a foot pain diagnosis can help in bringing up an articular cartilage injury, as articular cartilage damage is not similar to other body part damages. There is a chance that the affected people will never realize that they have damaged their cartilage, as it does not show immediately in any physical form. Foot Pain […]

  • Articular Cartilage Damage in the Ankle – Causes and Symptoms

    Articular cartilage damage refers to the damage rendered to a type of hyaline cartilage which is generally present in the bones’ articular structure. The cartilage is a slimy mass that has a definite consistency and elasticity and can be found in bones. It is made up of neither nerves nor blood cells and it has […]

  • Ankle Joint Surgery – An Introduction to Ankle Fusion

    The ankle joint is a very important part of the body. It is made of the following The lower end of the shinbone also known as the tibia The smaller bone of the lower leg known as the fibula The tibia and the fibula form a socket into which another small bone fits, and this […]