Circuit Training For Women – Exercise Routines You Can Try

Are you a woman who is short on time and looking for a quick and simple workout to stay healthy? Then circuit training for women is what you’re looking for. This workout regime will help you exercise every muscle in your body in a short period of time! 

Circuit training for women includes doing a set of different exercises, which completes a circuit, and then repeating the same. This workout helps you strengthen your muscles and lose body fat. It is also quite heart healthy.

circuit training for women
Circuit training for women helps women strengthen their muscles and tone their body.

The best thing about this exercise regimen is that the exercises can be customized to suit your fitness level and goals. Women usually want to do workouts that will shape their hips, tone their arms, and add curves to their waist. Circuit training for women can be designed to help enhance the best features of your body.

Circuit Training For Women – Four Exercise Patterns For A Svelte Figure

Here is a look at some of the exercise routines that you can try as part of circuit training for women.

  1. Exercises For Cardiovascular Health

    If you are keen to get your heart pumping, then you could try a combination of four to six exercises that get your entire body moving. Personal trainer Kristin McGee suggests starting off with a leg lift, then doing a bouncing hope, followed by a lightning fast hand tap, and finally performing a jumping plié. This set should be done thrice, with a minute’s rest in between each circuit. Do this sequence two to three times a week, preferably on alternate days.

  2. Lower Body Circuit Training

    Circuit training for women usually includes paying special attention to the lower body, as fat tends to accumulate around the thighs and hips for most women. You can use Swiss-balls and dumbbells for this routine. Start by doing a few front and reverse lunges. Follow these up with squats, while holding onto a dumbbell in each hand. Next, go in for calf raises and then try doing hamstring curls on a Swiss-ball. End this circuit with the Superman pose.

    Fitness Magazine says that circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than typical weight training workouts.

  3. Upper Body Circuit Training

    Upper body circuit training routines for women focus on toning the arms and the torso. Begin with shoulder presses, bent-over rows, and standing dumbbell curls. Back these up with a few tricep dips. Feel free to do push-ups also, as they strengthen the muscles of the entire upper body. End this circuit with Russian ab twists. These exercises tone your muscles, without adding bulk.

  4. Exercises To Burn Fat Rapidly

    Circuit training for women can result in the burning of calories. A combination of squats, planks, lunges, crunches, running, skipping, sprinting, and curls help work your core muscles and play a vital role in toning your body.
    These exercises also help in preventing osteoporosis in women. They come highly recommended by Women’s Heart Foundation. Further, research shows that short sprints, often a part of circuit training, are the most effective way to burn fat.

circuit training routines for women
Lose all the flab with circuit training routines for women and improve your heart health as well.

Circuit training for women can go a long way in keep the fairer sex healthy and fit! Most women are busy with their professional and personal lives, which makes it difficult for them to find time to exercise. But, this type of workout is perfect as it requires less time and is still extremely effective, so don’t wait any longer. Put that track suit on and and get ready to tone your body!

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