A Complete Look At Circuit Training Workouts – How They Work

Circuit training workouts are great for your body. If you want to exercise every muscle in your body, then this is the regime you should follow. It helps in building the strength of your muscles, improves your mobility, and increases your stamina.

Circuit training workouts consist of six to ten different exercises that focus on strength building. A circuit is considered complete when you’ve finished all the prescribed exercises. You must then start again from the very first exercise! In addition to the core set of exercises, circuit training includes a few resistance exercises that are to be done using weights.

circuit training workouts
Increase your stamina and muscle strength with circuit training workouts.

This workout regime is of a high-intensity, as each exercise focuses on a specific group of muscles. This makes it important for you to do a few warm up exercises before you begin with the circuit training routine.

This program was developed by R.E. Morgan and G.T. Anderson at the University of Leeds, England, in 1953. Before you start on this workout regime, you should understand how it works and affects your body.

Circuit Training Workouts -The Mechanism That Makes Them So Effective

Here is a detailed look the ways in the mechanism involved in circuit training workout and how they benefit your body.

  1. Build Muscle Strength

    As you do moderate weight lifting exercises as part of a circuit training routine, your muscles will get stronger. This means that you can carry more grocery bags from your car to your house!

  2. Burn Fat Quite Fast

    Are you eager to lose weight, but hate doing the slow exercises at the gym? Circuit training workouts increase your heart rate, which in turn leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen you draw in after the exercise. This helps burn fat for the next 48 hours, so even after you are done with the routine, your body is still losing weight.

  3. Improve Cardiovascular Health

    This high-intensity regime is great for your heart. Since the resting periods between each exercise last only a few seconds, your cardiovascular system gets a long and continuous workout. Combined with resistance training, this goes a long way in improving the health of your heart.

    Research conducted at The Cooper Institute as well as Baylor University has shown that circuit training is the most time-efficient way to enhance cardiovascular fitness.

  4. Give A Total Body Workout

    Circuit training workouts ensure that your entire body is exercised in a short period of time. Your upper body, core muscles, and lower body are strengthened by a range of exercises that include squats, pull ups, crunches, step ups, skipping, and squat thrusts.

    Now you needn’t spend hours at the gym and in fact, you might not even need to work out everyday.

circuit training exercises
Circuit training exercises are known to build muscles strength and improve heart health.

Circuit training workouts are short and sweet. They are modified as per the age, gender, and the fitness levels of each individual. If you can’t wait to tone your entire body and have a healthy heart, this is the workout you should adopt. Start with a few exercises and increase their number gradually. Within a short period of time, you will look slimmer and feel fitter than ever before!

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