Core Strength Exercises – Five Exercises For Building Strength

You already know that exercising is great for your health. But, do you know how important it is to specifically build your core muscles? Core strength exercises help tone your tummy, keep your knees strong, build your back muscles, and maintain your body’s balance. So why wait any longer to try these exercises? Core strength exercises focus on the core of your body. The core includes muscles in your abdomen, pelvis, diaphragm, and back. These muscles work in coordination with each other to give you stability, as well as movement in your limbs and spine. For this reason, it is essential to have strong core muscles. But, people usually do not know how to effectively exercise them.

core strength exercises
Crunches are commonly recommended core strength exercises.

You don’t need fancy equipment for core strengthening. Just a mat to exercise on is all the equipment you need to build your muscles!

Five Core Strength Exercises – Five Simple Ways To Become Stronger

Here is a look at a few core strength exercises.

  1. Crunches 

    Crunches are an important abdominal exercise. This exercise requires you to lie flat on the ground, with your knees bent. After you’ve assumed this position, lift your shoulders up and bring them towards your pelvis. This is the most basic crunch and once it becomes easy enough to do, you can increase its level of difficulty by trying out the side-balance crunch and the twisted crunch.

  2. Bridge

    Lie down on your back, again with your knees bent. Now raise your hips so that your shoulder, hips, and knees form a straight line. This workout focuses on the muscles of the glute, abdomen, and the upper legs. It also helps stabilize your spinal cord. With time, you may wish to lift your body up and balance on your toes or heels. This increases the level of difficulty and as a result, is more effective in strengthening your core muscles.

    exercise for core strength
    The bridge is an exercise for core strength. It helps stabilize the spinal cord.
  3. Abdominal Press

    To tone your lower abdominal muscles, try doing the abdominal press. Lie down straight and bend your knees. Now raise your left leg off the floor and form a 90 degree angle with your hip and knee. Place your hands on your left knee and push against it to create resistance. At the same time, use your stomach muscles to pull your leg towards your hands. Now repeat with the other leg. You may also do this exercise while using both your legs simultaneously. suggests doing the double-leg abdominal press exercise in order to tone your lower stomach.

    core body exercises
    The abdominal press is one of the core body exercises that tone the abdominal muscles.
  4. Plank

    The plank is one of the most basic core strength exercises. Lie down with your face towards the ground. Now lift your body and balance your weight on your forearms (from your palms to your elbows) and your toes. Hold this position for a while. This exercise plays a major role in increasing the strength and stability of your hip muscles.

    Variations of the basic plank include side plank, circle plank, and Swiss-ball plank. Research shows that weak hip muscles result in leg injuries and knee pain. You can counter this problem by regularly practicing the plank

    core strengthening exercises
    If you want to increase the strength and stability of your hip muscles, try the plank, one of the core strengthening exercises.
  5. Superman

    Everyone dreams of being Superman! Well, here’s your chance to pretend you are, all in the name of exercise. Th Superman pose helps in strengthening your back muscles. Lie face down with your arms stretched out like Superman and your legs lifted slightly off the ground.

    exercises for core strength
    The Superman, one of the exercises for core strength, helps make your back muscles stronger.

Core strength exercises are not only easy to do, they also don’t require you to spend money on joining a gym or buying expensive equipment. Do your workouts at home and see how you turn increasingly fitter. Your muscles will become stronger, your body will get healthier, and you will feel fantastic!

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