A Checklist Of Pilates Benefits – Why It’s The Right Routine For You

Pilates is a flexible group of exercises that can be adapted to match the varied fitness requirements of people. The effectiveness of Pilates exercises rests on building a strong core. Many people who have adopted this form of fitness have reported a wide range of health benefits, including pain relief and weight loss. Read about Pilates benefits and it is likely that it will seem like the perfect fitness routine for you.

Pilates, also called “Contrology” by its creator Joseph Pilates, draws from ancient Greek health principles and the meditative aspects of Eastern philosophy. The result is a combination of exercises that involve focused breathing, deep stretching, and intense concentration, in order to build a strong core.

pilates benefits
Pilates benefits include increased flexibility and improved posture.

Pilates Benefits – Five Reasons To Adopt This Fitness Routine

Here are some reasons to switch to the Pilates fitness routine.

  1. Improvement in Breathing

    Each Pilates exercise involves coordinated breathing. If you add these exercises to your daily routine, over time, you’ll experience an increase in lung capacity. Better breathing also translates into improved heart function, more energy, and the ability to relax when experiencing a stressor.

  2. Helps Increase Proper Alignment

    Since the basic aim of Pilates is to strengthen your core, your body will automatically become properly aligned when you take up Pilates. Such alignment is necessary to achieve good posture, a better range of motion, improved mobility, and increased circulation.

    A 2006 study published in the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy found that when individuals with lower back pain and disability incorporated therapeutic exercise like Pilates into their treatment, they experienced a reduction in back pain.

  3. Increases Flexibility

    Pilates exercises require plenty of stretching and coordinated movements that engage many parts of the body. As a result, an increase in flexibility in one of the Pilates benefits. It decreases muscle tension and reduces the recovery time for injuries.

    According to a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Nursing to examine the effects of Pilates training on healthy adults found that these exercises improve muscular activity, flexibility, and core strength.

  4. Impacts Emotional Well Being

    Unlike cardio workouts, Pilates workouts require smooth and coordinated movements. The relaxing nature of these exercises can help silence the “noise” inside the mind ensure that you focus on the exercise. As you lengthen your muscles, your circulation will also improve, leaving you calm and rejuvenated.

  5. Stress buster

    Stress generates negative thoughts that are known to have a toxic impact on the body. By engaging in Pilates exercises, you can relax your muscles, causing them to release endorphins or “feel good” hormones. These hormones have a positive effect on your mood and can also give you a restful night of sleep.

    benefits of pilates
    The release of endorphins is also one of the benefits of Pilates, as it acts as a stress buster.

By including a Pilates exercise routine in your daily schedule, you can achieve many physiological and psychological benefits. Pilates benefits are so immense that this form of fitness continues to be quite popular even a century after it was first designed.

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