Power Yoga Benefits – How This Form Of Exercise Helps

Power Yoga is a modified version of Ashtanga yoga. It combines traditional yoga poses with fast-paced synchronized movements. This new fitness regime targets excess weight and provides an overall increase in fitness levels. The popularity of this workout is spreading rapidly, as power yoga benefits are being endorsed by celebrities.

The movements involved in power yoga raise your body temperature and heart rate. Since these movements involve the entire range of muscles in the body, a total body workout is one of the main power yoga benefits provides.

power yoga benefits
Stress relief and improved metabolism are two top power yoga benefits.

Power Yoga Benefits – Five Reasons To Adopt This Routine

Here are some of the major power yoga benefits.

  1. Accelerated Burning Of Calories

    By including two power yoga workouts a week, you can experience its weight loss benefits. Power yoga’s cardio component increases the basal body temperature and heart rate, both of which are necessary to activate the fat burning mechanisms of the body.

  2. Increased Lean Muscle Mass

    Most of the poses used in power yoga involve constant stretching and relaxing of the muscles. This helps strengthen them to a great extent.

    According to the Guidelines for Physical Activity for Americans as defined by the Centers for Disease Control, muscles can be strengthened by doing yoga exercises twice a week.

  3. Better Metabolism

    Many power yoga poses target the core muscles of the abdomen. Not only does this strengthen the abdominal muscles, but it also triggers blood flow to this area. This results in improved digestion, one of the prime power yoga benefits.

  4. Improved Flexibility

    Since power yoga combines breathing techniques with stretching and cardio, it can help you become more agile physically. The movements involved in power yoga address all the muscles in the body, especially ones most people tend to ignore, such as the gluteus maximus and the shoulders. As a result, individuals can develop better posture, reduce muscular pain, and gain more energy with this form of yoga.

    benefits of power yoga
    Enhance flexibility is also one of the excellent benefits of power yoga.
  5. Stress Relief

    Most people begin practicing yoga for its stress-relieving properties. Some of the tasks you perform, both at home and outside, can leave you susceptible to pain and injury. Doing a simple fifteen minute power yoga routine at the end of the day can help center you, reduce your stress levels, and bring your thinking back into focus.

    A study titled “Effect of Yoga on Self-Rated Visual Discomfort in Computer Users” found that combining eye drops with yoga practices can relieve much of the visual discomfort that arises from work that involves staring at computer screens all day long. 

Adopting power yoga as part of your lifestyle can go a long way in protecting your mental and physical health from stress, disease, and pain. Start with a short routine today and gradually increase the intensity. You will surely begin to notice increased power yoga benefits each day.

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