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  • Seven Tips For Better Skin Care In Summer

    Are you eagerly waiting to get rid of your woolens and slip into your swimsuit? Summer gives you many opportunities to go out, so no wonder it becomes difficult to escape the harsh rays of the sun. For this reason, skin care in summer is not something to be taken lightly.

  • Natural Hair Care – Tips For Maintaining Healthy Hair

    Beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair is on everybody’s wish list. It adds to your good looks and transforms your persona as well. According to dermatologists, washing your hair carefully is very important and so is choosing the right hair care products. But you can do one step better and turn to the kitchen for natural […]

  • Foods For Healthy Skin – Diet Options For Women

    A glowing, healthy complexion reflects your inner health and can be one of the most attractive features of a person. Do you spend thousands of rupees on skin care products? These can actually damage your skin as they often contain various chemicals. Beauty regimes can also have a harsh effect on your skin when done […]

  • Dandruff Treatment Measures – Natural Options You Can Try

    Isn’t it annoying when tiny white dandruff flakes show up on your outfit just when you are ready to step out of your house? Dandruff can be one of life’s most frustrating problems, but with dandruff treatment measures that work, you can easily prevent them from ever bothering you again! Dandruff treatment measures are extremely […]

  • The Causes Of Dandruff – The Reasons Behind The Condition

    Dandruff is an ubiquitous problem that most people suffer from at some point in their lives. Although minor in its effects, dandruff can drive people crazy as it causes itching and leaves embarrassing dry flakes of skin on clothes. But what are the causes of dandruff? Why does it affect even healthy people?

  • Dry Skin Treatment – Natural Options You Can Try

    Winter is here, and the low levels of humidity in the air can have unwelcome effects on your skin. Does your skin look and feel dry and scaly? Are your chapped lips and dry, itchy skin bothering you? Don’t panic. You don’t have to go in for an expensive dry skin treatment. Help is closer […]

  • Skin Care For Men – Five Tips That Can Help

    It’s not just women who need to look after their skin. Skin care for men is essential since grooming is not only a modern-day essential, but also ensures healthier skin. If you’re planning to look great during a crucial interview or even a date, taking care of your skin is a must! Skin care for […]

  • Hair Loss Remedies – Natural Remedies To Slow Down Hair Loss

    Worried about your thinning hair or bald head? Feeling nostalgic about the time your thick and shiny hair was your pride and joy? Hair loss has been plaguing many people in the world and it affects individuals of various age groups. Thankfully, you need not dread this condition, as it is quite easily reversible through […]

  • Hair Loss In Men – Why And How Men Lose Hair

    Are you losing hair at an alarming rate? Then you’re not alone. Hair loss in men is becoming increasingly common and men who face this problem experience a great deal of frustration. Why and how men lose hair has remained a mystery for many years, but studies have provided are some answers – here they […]

  • Dry Skin Care – General Tips For Everyday Care

    Who doesn’t long for smooth, supple, and young-looking skin? Unfortunately, if you have dry skin, you’ll have to work harder to keep your skin that way. People with dry skin are often stuck with red and rough skin that’s marked by itchy patches. What you need to counter this condition is a strict dry skin […]