The Benefits Of Greek Yogurt – Why It’s Better Than Other Health Foods

Looking for a yogurt that’s creamy and delicious, and yet low on calories? Greek yogurt is the answer! This tangy dairy product is versatile, which means it can be substituted for milk, cream, and butter. The benefits of Greek yogurt are many, so just grab a spoon and dig in!

You’re probably wondering what makes Greek yogurt different from the regular variety. In this special form of yogurt, the whey is strained out, giving it a thick and creamy texture. Also, the benefits of Greek yogurt are way more than those of regular yogurt. It packs in twice as much protein as regular yogurt and is low in fat as well.

benefits of Greek yogurt
The benefits of Greek yogurt are due to its rich nutritional content of proteins, vitamins, and calcium.

This yogurt is commonly found at supermarkets and is just as easy to make at home. It can be used in a variety of foods like dips, desserts, smoothies, and salads.

The Benefits Of Greek Yogurt – Seven Ways It Is Good For You

Take a look at the benefits of Greek yogurt and see how making it a part of your meal plan can go a long way in keeping you healthy.

  1. Packed With Protein

    Greek yogurt has very high protein content, which helps in building muscle mass. A cup of Greek yogurt can actually provide as much protein as meat.Additionally, protein helps in warding off hunger, so if you have Greek yogurt with your meal, you won’t be tempted to munch on some snack a little while later.

  2. A Great Source Of Calcium

    One of the important benefits of Greek yogurt is its high calcium content, which ensures healthy bones and teeth. This yogurt also helps in maintaining heart and nerve functions. The calcium also helps the body reduce the production of cortisol, the hormone that is responsible for accumulating body fat.

  3. Low In Calories

    Greek yogurt is naturally low in calories, always a welcome thing if you’re on a weight loss regime. Instead of adding sugar to it, you can team it up with fruits for a delicious yet healthy snack.

  4. Filled With Good Bacteria

    Greek yogurt has beneficial bacteria that help in keeping the digestive system clean. It assists in getting rid of harmful microorganisms from the intestine, which in turn boosts immunity.

  5. Low On Sodium

    High sodium content can lead to cardiovascular problems. But as this delicious dairy product is low on sodium, people with high blood pressure can consumed it in moderate quantities without any worries, and so can diabetics and kidney patients.

    As per the USDA, Greek yogurt is said to contain less than half the amount of sodium present in regular yogurt.

  6. Loaded With Vitamins

    Among the benefits of Greek yogurt is its abundance of nutrients such as zinc, potassium, riboflavin, iodine, vitamin B5, and vitamin B12. Vitamins are essential for ensuring that the nervous system functions properly and they keep the body’s red blood cells healthy.

    Also, vitamin B12 is usually found in animal products, so if you’re a vegetarian you can still get your share of this vitamin by eating Greek yogurt.

    greek yogurt benefits
    Add a few raspberries and a little honey to a bowl of Greek yogurt to get a delicious snack and all the Greek yogurt benefits.
  7. Low On Carb Content

    If you’ve diabetes or are on a low-carb diet, you can still eat Greek yogurt as it has fewer carbohydrates that other types of yogurt.

The benefits of Greek yogurt are plenty. Unlike many other health foods, this food is easily available and is very tasty as well. Instead of dipping your tacos in mayonnaise, dip them in this yogurt. Instead of having an ice-cream for dessert, try a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with fruits and nuts. Don’t wait any longer. Grab a spoon and dive into the goodness of Greek yogurt!

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