The Benefits Of Pears – Five Key Benefits You Should Know About

Pears are juicy, delicious, and inexpensive. Thanks to the abundance of fiber, vitamins, and minerals in these colorful fruits, the benefits of pears are tremendous!

Pears are popular everywhere in the world and come in as many as three thousand varieties. As autumn falls, this fruit fills up farmers’ markets and fruit stalls. A member of the apple family, the pear comes in two primary types, Asian and European. The benefits of pears make them a healthy snacking option.

benefits of pears
The benefits of pears include lowered risk of breast, colon, and stomach cancer.

Five Key Benefits Of Pears

Here is a look at the why you should be eating pears regularly.

  1. Fights Cancer

    Pears are packed with vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. It protects cells from the damage caused by free radicals. This helps in lowering the risk of breast cancer. Also, the hydroxycinnamic acid present in this fruit helps prevent stomach cancer, while the high fiber content in pears reduces the risk of colon cancer.

    Studies have shown that eating fiber-rich fruits such as pears can decrease the risk of breast cancer by 34 percent in postmenopausal women.

  2. Promotes Digestive Health

    As pears are packed with fiber, they help eliminate excess cholesterol from the body through the digestive tract. Their bulk ensures that when you eat these fruits you stay fuller for longer and are not tempted to go looking for snacks in between meals.

  3. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases

    The fiber content in pear has the ability to bind with bile acids in the intestine. This lowers the amount of bile in the body, which in turn decreases the synthesis of cholesterol. Studies have proven that eating pears can reduce the risk of stroke by up to 50 percent.

    Pears are also rich in the mild laxative pectin, which is great for the heart as it’s an antioxidant. In fact, pears have higher levels of pectin than apples.

    pear health benefits
    Pears have more of pectin than apples, which contributes to a healthy heart, one of the pear health benefits.
  4. Helps The Reproductive System

    Due to fluctuations in their insulin levels, some women find it difficult to conceive. The natural sugar found in pears balances insulin levels and increases fertility. Pregnant women should also eat pears as they are high in folic acid, which is responsible for preventing birth defects in infants.

  5. Prevents Osteoporosis

    Like all fruits, pears have the ability to sustain a healthy pH level in the body. In addition to this, pears are a good source of boron, which helps in retaining calcium. Both these properties of pears help them prevent or slow down osteoporosis.

Beautiful to look at, delicious to eat, and filled with goodness, pears are truly nature’s gift to mankind. They have even been called “the gift of the Gods”, by the Greek poet Homer. The benefits of pears are not confined to just the five listed above. This hypoallergenic fruit is also an immunity booster, treats fever, and helps increase energy levels, so the next time you feel a little feverish or a little tired, just bite into a pear.

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