Brown Rice Benefits – The Perks Of Eating Brown Rice

The tremendous brown rice benefits are the reason it is seen as the healthier option when compared to polished (white) rice. Loaded with nutrients that can benefit the body in various ways, brown rice is ideal for people of all age groups around the world. 

Brown rice benefits include its ability to regulate diabetes. This variety of rice is loaded with fiber, which aids the process of digestion. Even the health of the bones can be maintained by consuming this rice on a regular basis and cases of bad cholesterol can also be brought under control by adding this rice to your diet.

brown rice benefits
Choose brown rice over white rice and get brown rice benefits like stronger bones and reduced cholesterol.

Four Brown Rice Benefits You Must Know About

Here are some of the perks of eating brown rice. This variety of rice:

  1. Prevents Colon Cancer

    Fiber is a nutrient that is of vital importance to the human body. It attaches itself to the chemical compounds that cause cancer and expels them from the body. This process acts as an effective barrier against colon cancer. Fiber also helps promote healthy digestion and prevents diverticulosis and constipation. As brown rice is rich in fiber, you get all these brown rice benefits when you choose it over polished rice.

    For individuals below 50 years of age, the recommended intake of fiber is 38 grams for men and 25 grams for women. A single cup of brown rice provides approx. 3.5 grams of fiber.

  2. Keeps Diabetes Under Control

    Brown rice is highly useful for stabilizing the levels of blood sugar. This makes it a beneficial food for those suffering from diabetes. In addition to controlling blood sugar levels in diabetics, brown rice helps prevent the occurrence of the condition as well.

    Research studies have shown that consuming half a cup of brown rice daily helps prevent the chances of developing diabetes by 60 percent. They have also shown that individuals who consume white rice are at a 100 percent risk of getting diabetes.

  3. Lowers Bad Cholesterol

    Brown rice is composed of bran oil, which is considered highly effective in regulating cholesterol levels.

    According to the publication American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a certain research study carried out by researchers at Louisiana State University found that bran oil helped reduce cholesterol levels by approx. 7 percent, whereas white rice did not have any impact on cholesterol levels. The research study indicated that consuming 13-22 grams of brown rice daily can prove beneficial for reducing cholesterol levels.

  4. Keeps Your Bones Healthy

    Brown rice helps keep your bones healthy and strong, due to its magnesium content. Almost 66 percent of the magnesium present in the human body is stored on the surface of the bones and is utilized by the body as needed. By including brown rice in your meal plan, you can ensure that the concentration of magnesium in your body is continually replenished. This in turn can help your bones remain strong and free from conditions like arthritis.

    benefits of brown rice
    Derive the benefits of brown rice through tasty dishes like brown rice pudding.

Derive all these brown rice benefits by including this wonder food in your meal plan. If you’re worried that you’ll get tired of eating bland brown rice every day of the week, don’t be. Instead, use brown rice to rustle up tasty dishes like coconut brown rice pudding, Mexican brown rice salad, and orange ginger brown rice.

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