Power Yoga Benefits – How This Form Of Exercise Helps

Power Yoga is a modified version of Ashtanga yoga. It combines traditional yoga poses with fast-paced synchronized movements. This new fitness regime targets excess weight and provides an overall increase in fitness levels. The popularity of this workout is spreading rapidly, as power yoga benefits are being endorsed by celebrities. Continue reading

Power Yoga Poses – Exercises You Can Master Easily

Power Yoga is the Western form of the Indian Ashtanga Yoga. Unlike traditional yoga poses, which use a slow-paced approach, power yoga poses are a series of dynamic moves designed to accelerate your heart rate. Power yoga synchronizes fast-paced movements with controlled breathing (Vinyasa). This combination generates an intense total body workout, uniting the mind and the body. Continue reading

Yoga Exercises 101 – All You Need To Know About Yoga

If you often wonder what is it about yoga that makes it so popular, you’re not alone. There is a lot of curiosity surrounding this ancient Indian tradition, which started out as a part of Hindu philosophy. After Swami Vivekananda introduced yoga in the West in the 1890s, its reach and popularity have soared further, mainly due to the fact that the benefits of yoga exercises live up to the hype that surrounds them. Continue reading

A Checklist Of Pilates Benefits – Why It’s The Right Routine For You

Pilates is a flexible group of exercises that can be adapted to match the varied fitness requirements of people. The effectiveness of Pilates exercises rests on building a strong core. Many people who have adopted this form of fitness have reported a wide range of health benefits, including pain relief and weight loss. Read about Pilates benefits and it is likely that it will seem like the perfect fitness routine for you. Continue reading

Stay In Shape With Pilates Exercises – The Top Three Workouts

Pilates is a popular physical fitness routine, designed to provide conditioning to the whole body and improve its strength and flexibility. Over the years, many proponents of Pilates have claimed that this routine provides a host of benefits for the body, such as improvement in muscle coordination, prevention of injuries, and an increase in strength. Knowing more about Pilates exercises will help you decide if this is a good fitness routine for you. Continue reading

Try Pilates At Home – Some Non Fussy Exercises For Beginners

Pilates’ beginner exercises are a great way of becoming familiar with the whole Pilates exercise system. These introductory exercises utilize the mat and are designed to build core strength, flexibility, and stability. Each Pilates stretch and exercise engages the abdominal muscles. If you’re a beginner at Pilates, here’s what you should do. Continue reading

The Benefits Of Gym Workouts – Five Healthy Reasons

Have you often been motivated or coaxed by a loved one to take up some form of exercise to become healthy and fit? Perhaps it has been quite difficult for you to start an exercise routine and stick to it, either due to the pressures of modern life or from sheer laziness. You should know that a little perseverance on your part can yield rich results, as the benefits of gym workouts are many. Continue reading